Tucabi, companies in solidarity with the children of Chernobyl


The Biscay company Tucabi, dedicated to the depot and storage of containers in the municipality of Abanto, has collaborated with Chernobileko Umeak Association through the transfer of a house and land it owns so that the children of Chernobyl who spend two months in Summer in Bizkaia will have a space for meeting and games.

In the same way, the families that host these children may find in these facilities provided by Tucabi a meeting place for their Association. Furthermore, the manager of Tucabi has set up a space so that people who want to collaborate with this cause, may donate clothing, toys and other accessories to the Association, for it to distribute to the children.

Among the activities that Tucabi has developed for these children is arranging for the Mine Museum of Gallarta to have an Open House so that the children of Chernobyl may visit it.